a leading developer of smart phone based remote Electronic Medical Record technologies...

Decision Diagnostics Corp. is proud to feature MD@Hand and MD@Work-- smartphone-based medical communication network products. These products are geared to the medical insurance and pharmacy benefits management segments of the healthcare markets. Our smartphone-based medical communication network products provide physicians with critical patient information at the point of care; a handheld mobile device that allows physicians to carry, access, and update their patients' histories, medication data, and best care guidelines...

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Apr 16 | Decision Diagnostics Subsidiary Acquires GenStrip

Mar 31 | Decision Diagnostics Announces Posting and Airing of Its New GenStrip Commercial Titled "Monolith"

Mar 11 | Decision Diagnostics Announces Engagement of Mark Krakauer to Head Up Genstrip Private Label Sales Efforts

Mar 4 | TV Commercials Fulfillment #3

Feb 26 | TV Commercials Fulfillment #2

Feb 18 | Decision Diagnostics Announces Agreement for Funding of Its Prosecution of Anti-Trust and False Advertising Suits Against Division of Johnson & Johnson

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